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The best flooring solutions for architects

At MiFlor we work with you to find the best commercial flooring solution for your project. Whether you are an architect, interior designer or builder we will help you through the process from selecting the best commercial flooring product for your project, all the way through to installation.

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Architectural and Design projects have specific, demanding client requirements with short lead times. It takes a wealth of experience to deliver such projects, both within the time frame and on budget. One of the crucial roles in such projects is the supplier and, as suppliers and manufacturers we have been involved in many successful completed projects in Western Australia. Our hybrid flooring is specifically designed for the Australian climate.

As an architect or builder, budget probably remains top-of-mind as you draw your plans. But it’s wise to keep long-term value in mind as you choose flooring materials. Choosing the cheapest material may save you money in the short-term, but could catch up to you with high maintenance costs. Value, not price, should guide your flooring decisions.

At MiFlor we are commercial flooring experts and understand that finding the right flooring for your project can be a daunting task but will make a massive difference to your client. The Miflor Tranquillity range is perfect for commercial application, with a R10 slip rating, scratch resistant, withstands moisture and spills plus easy to maintain - making MiFlor the perfect solution for your next commercial project. With 6 colours to choose from in the Tranquillity range has the look of hard wood but without the high cost couple this with durability means that MiFlor Hybrid Floor is the flooring of choice for many architects.

We work with clients on a range of projects including office fitouts and refurbishments, housing developments, commercial builds, hospitality and retail operations, airport and logistics operations fitouts, interior design projects, heath and education facilities, multi residential apartments and aged care facilities.

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Acoustic Test Certificate

Sound Rating

The lower the rating number the better the acoustic performance.

The higher the IIC and FIIC the better the impact insulation.

The higher the AAAC Star Rating the better the impact insulation.

All our flooring have a Certificate of Performance from Koikas Acoustic.

Fire Test Report

Fire Rating

A floor material or floor covering must have –

  1. A critical radiant flux not less than that listed in Table 1; and
  2. In a building not protected by a sprinkler system complying with Specification E1.5, a maximum smoke development rate of 750 percent-minutes.

All our flooring has been tested and passed by AWTA


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The best commercial flooring for architects. Hybrid flooring Perth. With R10 Slip Rating this is the only flooring in Perth and WA that is not only 100% waterproof but can be laid in herringbone and multiple other patterns. Giving flexibility and the look you want like never before. At 6mm thickness with a board size of 220 x 1540mm plus six different colours to choose from. We have the solution for you.
Easy to clean, scratch resistant and hard wearing for commercial or residential installation


With the 2G-i drop lock system, installation is quick and easy.

Hybrid Flooring Perth


One of the only boards in Australia available to achieve a Herringbone pattern

Our flooring can easily be installed in different configurations with the latest version of 2G-i connectivity giving you un-paralleled flexibility. They can be connected end to end, long edge to long edge and end to long edge. This allows you to configure your floor design in six different patterns.


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